05 February 2022

Read My Exclusive Story In My Weekly


It’s been a fabulous week. My psych thriller, One Bad Thing was finally published, and the blog tour has been happening all week - you can still catch that all over social meeja next week - and I’m thrilled to say that the reviews so far have been absolutely amazing. I’m happy to say that readers are enjoying my twisty-turny tale of how a dark secret comes back to haunt agony aunt Hannah.

I’ve also been all over the airwaves talking about One Bad Thing, being interviewed on loads of local and regional radio stations, including BBC Radio Jersey, BBC Merseyside and BBC Kent. I did three in one day, which was exhausting but fun. But they’re not finished yet, and I’ve got more coming up over the following weeks. The One Bad Thing Radio Roadshow is rolling up on BBC Scotland, BBC Essex and Talk Radio Europe among other stations.

Subscribers to the Times Crime Club have this week also been able to read about one of my passions when I’m not writing… meditation!

And also this week I was able to tick off an item on my Bucket List. We all ambitions in life, those little things we’ve always wanted to do, and this week one of my dreams came true.

I was commissioned to write an exclusive story for a top Womens Magazine. My story Kelsey’s Big Night features scene-stealing reality show diva Kelsey DeMarco, who first appeared in my Sasha Dawson thriller The Woman In The Wood. You can read that this week in My Weekly. I’d love to know what you think whne you read it! I’m also pleased to say that I’m working on another story for another magazine, and I’ll let you know when you can buy that.