11 August 2015

TV Crime Log: Aquarius

AquariusHere’s an odd thing. Aquarius starts tonight on Sky Atlantic at 9pm. It’s a fictionalized account of events leading up to the Tate Murders about a cop, Sam (sounds like Zodiac) Hodiak - played by David Duhovny - investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl.

The creator of Aquarius stresses it’s not historically accurate, and is inspired by Charles Manson and his Family, rather than anything else, but it’s a curious whirligig of fact and fiction set in 1967 LA, man, and planned to run over the course of six seasons.

What’s odd about Aquarius, since you’re asking, is that it has been bumping along the bottom of the network ratings - I mean, it it would be hard-pressed to lose any more viewers – and yet has been picked up for a second series. So someone out there has been bingeing on demand.