20 April 2016

World Exclusive: the Deep Down Dead Cover Revealed!

Now this is something special.

You know Steph Broadribb, she’s the genius behind one of the biggest crime blogs in the business, Crime Thriller Girl.

Now the crime fiction world is eagerly awaiting the publication of her first novel, Deep Down Dead, published by Orenda Books, and Crime Thriller Fella—along with the Grande Dame of book blogging Liz Loves Books— is excited to have got his sweaty hands on a sneaky preview of the cover.

Deep Down Dead is the first in a series about a woman bounty hunter in the States.

And the cover is a beauty!

It’s contemporary, kinetic and very, very cinematic - if that was a movie, you’d go and see it immediately, right? And if the novel is half as good as that cover—and I happen to know it’s even better—we’re all in for a hell of a treat.

Feast your eyes on this…


Keep your eyes out for Deep Down Dead. It’s coming real soon, and it’s locked and loaded…